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The Lightkeepers Ball (Mercy Falls, #3) At The Elegant Mercy Falls Masquerade Ball, Olivia S Hidden Identity Will Be RevealedIt Is The Dawn Of A New Century And Olivia Stewart Is Heiress To An Empire Her Family Numbers Among The Four Hundred Those Considered The Wealthiest And Most Distinguished In America Unfortunately Their Wealth Has Nearly Disappeared, And Now Their Security Rests Upon The Stewart Daughters Marrying WellOlivia S Sister, Eleanor, Was Engaged To Harrison Bennett, One Of The Nation S Wealthiest Men, But Has Since Died Now The Pressure Is On Olivia To Take Her Place, Despite Her Suspicions About Eleanor S Fianc Using Her Family S Long Forgotten English Title, Olivia Travels To Mercy Falls, California, As Lady Devonworth, Hoping To Learn Before Committing To Marriage There She Finds That Eleanor S Death Was No Accident And Harrison Is Not The Man She Thought He Would BeWhen Mercy Falls Holds A Charity Masquerade Ball To Raise Funds For The New Lighthouse, Secrets And Truths Long Hidden Will Be Revealed But Can Harrison Really Love Olivia When He Finds Her True Identity Can She Live With The Repercussions Of Failing Her Family, Or Will She Finally Realize That Nothing Not Money, Family, Or Romance Will Ever Compare To God S Unconditional Love

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    Actual rating 2.5I was disappointed by this book, even though I quite enjoyed it I really liked the premise and I expected a good mix of mystery and romance, but The Lightkeeper s Ball was not exactly a masterpiece.Olivia was probably the main reason she was too irritating for her own good with her spoiled ways and her rudeness in some parts, I was internally begging her to shut up. and, most of all, the way the author constantly tried to make her appear as an admirable clever woman that wanted from life than mere balls and dresses So yeah, I almost couldn t stand her.On the other hand, Harrison was a good character, I liked the way he cared for her mother and the strong belief he held in his dreams.Whereas the mystery was good enough to keep me interested, though not complicated enough to surprise me, Olivia s charade wasn t very plausible, as well as the fact that Harrison asked the lady s hand without even knowing her first name.I would recommend The Lightkeeper s Ball to people who like Colleen Coble s writing.

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    This historical Christian romance had a little bit of everything, and I loved it all I will admit, the book started out a little slow for me I thought it was going to be a typical run of the mill Christian romance I was even a little confused by the two characters named Mr Bennett But I encourage you not to quit reading if you re feeling the same way This book turns into a quick paced, modern thinking mystery and romance.My favorite thing about the book was the positive message about women s roles I enjoy Christian fiction, but sometimes I feel like they look at women in an old fashioned way, which is so far from the way I feel that it discourages me from reading some books in the genre But this book took a very forward and modern view on women s roles, and their value and worth Harrison was especially encouraging of Olivia taking charge of her life and breaking out of society s rules for women Harrison respects Olivia as a woman and a partner, and even importantly, Olivia respects herself as a woman.I also liked that the author doesn t shy away from the passionate side of Harrison and Olivia s feelings for each other These feelings are discussed in a respectful and realistic way, not glossed over or ignored like some books in the genre do.I appreciate that Harrison had a large role in the book, the story wasn t skewed towards Olivia s point of view The mystery definitely kept me on my toes, and never overshadowed the romance or the personal stories in the book.A lot of people have raved about the cover of this book, but in my opinion, the story is even better than the gorgeous cover.book sent by publisher in exchange for honest reviewreviewed for

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    This series got better with each book This was my very favorite of the 3 A cross between a cozy with some suspense thrown in along with being historical really satisfied my reading tastes Olivia has everything she wants that money can supply, but she s not happy with her life and not happy with the parade of men her mother has thrown at her She is discontent When her sister dies mysteriously in California where she has gone to be with her fiancee, Olivia takes on the persona of Lady Devonworth her actual but unused English title and heads to California to find out what really happened to her sister Loved Harrison Bennett as the hero as he kept me guessing as to whether he was the hero or villain Olive was independent, self sufficient, and a strong young woman Touch of a faith thread added to this novel.Filled with many twists, turns, and unexpected events, Coble kept my attention from start to finish I have to admit I stayed up til 1 30 AM in order to finish it which is way past my bedtime

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    I d give this 4 1 2 stars if I could figure out how to do the half star Of the 3 Mercy Falls books, this is definitely the best one Each gets better, so I m hoping there are in the works I absolutely love Colleen Coble s writing the only time I ve ever been critical of any of her novels it s been about editing errors I did find one little edit type thing in this bookat the very beginning there s an explanation of why Harrison is part of Bennett Bennett that confused me But it s something that is easily dismissed, really didn t need to be in the novel I think it was there to tell us Harrison doesn t want to be part of his father s business But Colleen Coble goes on to show this fact quite succinctly by Harrison s actions as the story progresses.The thing that stands out to me as to why Colleen Coble is a great author is her suspension of disbelief Throughout this novel, Olivia Stewart keeps her real name secret from Harrison He knows her only as Lady Devonworth, even after their engagement Every time I set the book down, I thought about the improbability of that plot Especially considering that Olivia tells 3 people in Mercy Falls her real name And servants well, they talk I can t believe this truth would really have been kept hidden But whenever I started reading again, the spell caught me and my disbelief was thoroughly suspended The story is that Olivia s father lost his fortune and forged an agreement with another diamond mine owner, a Mr Bennett Olivia s sister, Eleanor, was to wed Mr Bennett s son, Harrison, in order for the Stewarts to get any monies from the joint mine venture But then Eleanor dies, tragically and in a manner that Olivia immediately suspects murder Now Olivia must marry Harrison to keep her father s bargain Before she ll agree to this, she travels to Mercy Falls using only her family title, Lady Devonworth, in order to look into her sister s death A letter sent the day before Eleanor died has Olivia suspecting Harrison of foul play Even before setting foot in Mercy Falls, an attempt is made on Olivia s life She is in danger throughout most of the book Though Harrison rescues her from that first murder attempt, Olivia still doubts the quality of his character For his part, Harrison is attracted to Lady Devonworth though he does not care for the society snobs she represents They forge a tentative friendship that grows as the novel proceeds, each wishing to find the truth behind Eleanor s death Two mysteries in this book surprised me I did not expect the true identity of Mr Stewart s illegitamate son nor that of the murderer The man I did suspect of evil deeds turned out to be innocent of murder, at least I do so love it when an author manages that kind of surprise The truth was not shocking, either No characters tossed in out of the blue All the key players are presented early in the story the first 1 3 so the reader sees all the same clues as the heroine and hero If you re looking for a good book to bring to the beach or on vacation, this is a good choice.

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    I have never read any book by Colleen Coble yet, but I have always heard great things about them I was eager to dive into The Lightkeeper s Ball because of this and the fact that the cover was just so beautiful I began the book at breakfast and finished it before dinner For those who know me, that obviously means it was unputdownable and, in consequence, an amazingly awesome story Loved it The characters in this book are very believable and three dimensional Olivia was spunky and brave and I connected with her almost from the very first few pages She reminded me of myself Harrison was great as well It took me a little while to warm up to him I felt like I was in Olivia s shoes, not sure if he was good or bad but once I got to know him he became a great hero for this story It was also neat seeing characters from the two previous books in here While I haven t read either book, I still recognized character names like Katie, Will, and Addie It made me want to go back and read the other books so I could get to know them better When I first began this book, I thought I knew how it was all going to go Pretty girl goes to find her sister s murderer falls in love with her top suspect finds real murderer who is not her new love couple live happily ever after The end Right Wow, was I wrong Colleen threw in dozens of twists and surprises along the way until I gave up trying to predict how the plot would go Always a great sign that you are reading an awesome book by a talented author I commend Colleen for her ability to surprise her readers.I easily dived into the lives of Olivia and Harrison through Colleen s vivid writing voice A few times, during an action scene, I felt that things were told to the reader than showed But after getting into the story I didn t even notice it, I was so wrapped up in the story While there is nothing wrong ever described, this book does deal with a husband cheating with another woman and an unfaithful fianc e Besides stating these facts, it doesn t go into too much detail and I never became uncomfortable A man and woman do get stranded in the forest for two days, but nothing wrong happens besides that they end up sleeping beside each other when they are finally rescued and therefore gives a bad impression to their rescuers This situation was necessary for the plot and Colleen handed the situation so well that I had no problem with it.In closing, I loved this book the cover, the characters, the plot everything Colleen did a fabulous job and I will most assuredly be keeping my eye out for of her work in the future I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an awesome historical that has mystery, suspense, danger, love, intrigue, and deception all rolled into one book

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    I have to start off by stating I did not read numbers 1 or 2 of this series , but it really didn t matter, I still enjoyed myself.So, I m not even going to call this a review this is like notes thoughts and my usual rambling.I fell in cover love with this and didn t bother to research at all and just gave in to an impulse buy I don t regret it, but 12 is kind of expensive for this type of a book This was somewhat predictable, a little murder mystery that had a few twists I wasn t expecting Pretty likable characters, pretty imagery Somewhat lacking romantically for me, I wanted a little A couple of cheesy moments This was a pleasure read for me, nothing .Good times Curious about the others in this series. this author has a TON of books

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    When heiress Olivia Stewart finds out her sister Eleanor died from drowning, Olivia becomes suspicious and leaves for Mercy Falls to investigate Olivia s mother wants her settle down and marry Harrison Bennett the son of her father s business partner The Stewarts wealth is in decline and the Bennetts are in need of entrance into ultra high society Olivia decides to go to Mercy Falls to investigate her sister s death as well as better know Harrison her sister s intended fiance.As Olivia arrives in Mercy Falls, prior to a storm, an attempt is made on her life Luckily for Olivia, Harrison was there to rescue her from death Olivia stays briefly and befriends a small family that runs the lighthouse When the storm blows the light house down Olivia decides to throw a fundraising ball While staying at the Stewart mansion a letter from her father who is believed to be dead surfaces which casts doubt on Mr Stewart s death As Olivia gets to better know Harrison under the guise of Lady Devonworth, attempts are taken on her life How will Olivia reveal her true identity and is Harrison as bad as she first thought he was I am not a regular historical romance novel reader but this book changed my mind It had mystery, romance and history that I found it to be a good escape novel A good escape novel means the reader can immerse completely into the story and the book s characters,plot and places become real I found the book easy to read and very interesting for some of the other back stories it brings up such as one s identity and freedom to be who one wants to be I read the third book of the Mercy Falls series and found that this book is good as a stand alone I am interested in reading the first two books I received The Lightkeeper s Ball from a book program from Thomas Nelson publisher s and am not required to give a favorable review.

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    This is the third book in the Mercy Falls series I haven t read the first two, but after reading this one I definitely will have to go back and read them.The cover is the first thing that draws me to this novel The gown is absolutely beautiful and the room she is standing in just makes you want to know why she is in such an opulent setting Olivia Stewart has always been known for her wealth Unfortunately, this draws unwanted attention from suitors who only want to be with her for her money When Olivia s sister dies in an accident, she decides to go check out the circumstances of her death because she is suspicious of the details Harrison Bennett himself is a man of great wealth whom Olivia is expected to marry since her sister died and did not get to marry him The Stewart family fortune has dwindled and Olivia s mother expects her to marry Harrison in order to keep their family in the same social connections and wealth When she meets the man her sister was to marry, she is immediately taken aback by his presence and doesn t know how she feels about her own reactions since she is suspicious of anyone When Olivia meets Harrison she gives goes by the name of Lady Devonworth so that she can learn about him and so that he would not know she is a Stewart This could be her undoing in the end when her secret is revealed.Colleen Coble is an amazing writer I have read several of her novels and have never been disappointed in any of them She crafts a story that stays with you and makes you long for Once again, I had that same thought I would highly recommend this book and any other book by Colleen Coble.

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    I made the mistake of reading the sample chapters on CBD I couldn t get the book fast enough afterward Colleen Coble weaves a delightful and intriguing tale amid the Redwoods in The Lightkeeper s Ball Keeping up with the twists and plots proved as adventurous as keeping up with the Stewarts especially one in particular, Olivia Stewart With the perfect blend of romance and suspense, THE LIGHTKEEPER S BALL is a wonderful read While I would ve loved to have seen of the actual masquerade ball, the characters held my interest I absolutely loved the element of the aeroplane in the story, and honestly, that s a large part of what kept my interest.A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    OMW I m in LOVE with this cover sigh If only we could ware dresses like this these days.

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