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Enchantment In Enchantment, Card Works His Magic As Never Before, Transforming The Timeless Story Of Sleeping Beauty Into An Original Fantasy Brimming With Romance And AdventureThe Moment Ivan Stumbled Upon A Clearing In The Dense Carpathian Forest, His Life Was Forever Changed Atop A Pedestal Encircled By Fallen Leaves, The Beautiful Princess Katerina Lay Still As Death But Beneath The Foliage A Malevolent Presence Stirred And Sent The Ten Year Old Ivan Scrambling For The Safety Of Cousin Marek S FarmNow, Years Later, Ivan Is An American Graduate Student, Engaged To Be Married Yet He Cannot Forget That Long Ago Day In The Forest Or Convince Himself It Was Merely A Frightened Boy S Fantasy Compelled To Return To His Native Land, Ivan Finds The Clearing Just As He Left ItThis Time He Does Not Run This Time He Awakens The Beauty With A Kiss And Steps Into A World That Vanished A Thousand Years AgoA Rich Tapestry Of Clashing Worlds And Cultures, Enchantment Is A Powerfully Original Novel Of A Love And Destiny That Transcend Centuries And The Dark Force That Stalks Them Across The Ages From The Hardcover Edition

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    Warning, I m being totally honest You may not agree This book is awful If it were a movie, I should have walked out hours ago Instead, I just wanted to know what happens And when I actually got to the end of the book about 3 minutes ago, it wasn t even a very good ending It took 350 pages to build up to an anti climactic ending.Why is it awful The author uses every opportunity to throw in a foul word or sexual comment It s like he s a 14 year old boy who thinks it s fun to talk about being naked or private parts, etc I got so tired of reading cuss words and the nakedness was such a ridiculous element of the story so forced Also, it had, in my estimation, sexually explicit scenes that I don t need to be reading.I won t be reading anything by Orson Scott Card again.

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    I almost really loved this book However, for me it suffers from the same problem that other Orson Scott Card books dothe characters not the Ender s series but his other books The plot of this book is truly brilliant It is very creative and fun and imaginative It is a great story but the charactersoh, help us They just aren t all that great I mean they say the things they should say and do the things they should do but I think the author is lacking in his ability to tap into the subtle and amazing things that make us human He is especially bad with the characterization of women This book is no different I just never really liked Ivan or Katerina and had a hard time believing they could be in love or even real people for that matter because they lack depth Also, this book had a few less dignified moments They are just dumb It s like those Disney movies that add in burps or the letting of gas to appeal to the nine year old boys Really, I don t even think grown up men find that stuff funny unless they are talking about when they were young and did it to someone else.

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    Days before young Ivan s family moved out of Russia, he stumbled upon something terrifying and magical during a walk in the forest Frightened, he ran Years later, while visiting his childhood home, he finds himself drawn to the same clearing, only this time, he stumbles unwillingly into the midst of an unfolding drama for events that happened are happening hundreds of years earlier.Readers of fairy tales and Russian mythology will appreciate how Card carefully yet effortlessly works familiar names and creatures into the story, tying the medieval world to the present day, and imbuing both with magic.However, the tropes common to the fairy tales we re familiar with don t exactly apply here The fair princess awakens, not to love at first sight of her hero, but to disappointment and disdain The hero does not charge into danger out of a sense of duty, but rather falls into another world, flailing to recover his sense of self and find his way home Flawed and interesting characters, echoes of familiar stories, and a strong sense of the fantastical make this a book worth picking up.

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    This is one book that my husband and I both enjoy and love to read together over and over One of our favorites It is a modern day Sleeping Beauty story, but it doesn t end when he wakes her up Instead, the couple goes through the struggles of getting to know and understand eachother, including trying understand eachother s cultures, which are hundreds of years apart They must learn how to love eachother and support eachother in trials and danger which includes being chased through time and space by the witch that put the spell on her , finding their place in their new families, and learning how to make marriage work Please note I would not give this book to teens or kids, because of a brief scene and references to married sexuality, but those were not offensive to us as a married couple as they are tastefully done and important to the story.

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    On the surface this book sounds great Fairytales, fantasy, basis in actual folklore type stuff it s even decently written.However I found the characters so unlikable that the story was ruined for me The main character abandons a fiancee that he was very happy with until he met the princess How..quaint and realistic I hope you can detect the sarcasm The mother is bordering on cruel to the previous fiancee I do think the personalities and relationship, for the most part, were interpreted well and resembled realism I just didn t care.The early events in the book made it nearly impossible for me to appreciate any of the remaining story, because the characters were so reprehensible to me, I didn t really care what happened to them.As most other reviewers have said it is a wonderful fantasy fairytale romance and I would not have even minded the less appealing qualities of the characters if they had been used to show dynamics and growth Instead I was asked to accept those faults as traits to be admired.In the end, despite the sweet, though simple narrative and the broad range of topics explored, the story just fell flat.

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    As we outgrow our childhood, we say goodbye to many fun traditions No longer do we believe in the Easter Bunny or hope that the Tooth Fairy will bring us gifts in the night although some financial assistance for crowns and wisdom teeth extractions would be nice With adulthood, we stop reading books that begin with Once upon a time But, some days, when work is, well work, and newspapers are filled with stories about the bad economy, a fairy tale seems like the perfect escape from the real world And better than anything that Calgon has to offer, listening to the audio version of Orson Scott Card s Enchantment, can really take your mind away.Running through the forest in Russia, 10 year old Ivan finds a beautiful sleeping woman who is magically frozen in time Not fully believing what he sees, but still sensing danger, Ivan flees the clearing Soon after, his family moves to the United States Over a decade later, Ivan, now fully Westernized, returns to Russia to complete his research of Russian folklore for his graduate thesis Although he has never mentioned it to anyone, the scene in the forest has haunted him and he returns to banish this hopefully imaginary event from his mind Instead, he discovers the beautiful Princess Katerina, who has been asleep under a spell for hundreds of years Ivan breaks the spell and awakens the princess with a kiss Now all of us recognize this as the end of that classic, Sleeping Beauty, but where Disney s story ends, Enchantment is just beginning to take off This magical fairy tale transports Ivan to 9th century Russia where Ivan must save Katerina and her kingdom from the evil Russian witch, Baba Yaga In Enchantment, Orson Scott Card has created an unusual meld of fairy tale and Russian mythology with modern day action and suspense Part of the humor and fun in the story is the combination of medieval culture with present day society Ivan s advanced education, intelligence and lean physique might be a magnet for women in the 20th century, but do not impress Princess Katerina, who expects men to be brawny and able to wield a broad sword, not a quill and parchment Unlike the traditional fairy tale, the princess does not wake from her thousand year slumber in love with the man who has broken the spell Her disdain for Ivan and the tension and sparring between the two heroes of this story add romance and humor to this charming fairy tale Throw in some exciting and clever plot twists and you have a performance that appeals to both romance lovers and adventure addicts the perfect audio book for a long car trip with someone special..Although the book originally published in print in 1999, the audio version was recently released in 2010 by Blackstone The combination of magical fantasy and fast paced suspense make this a superb story to enjoy in audio Orson Scott Card shifts the point of view several times during the book, giving the reader the opportunity to hear the story from eight different people including Ivan, the princess, and even the wicked Baba Yaga This Blackstone production features two award winning narrators, Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir, who make the transition between the various points of view seamless Both narrators give stellar performances, switching often between American, Russian and Yiddish accents The audio book is lengthy over 17 hours but Rudnicki s soothing bass voice and de Cuir s incredible performance as both the young heroine Katerina and the old crone Baba Yaga will have you savoring every moment So, if life gets too hectic and you need to escape in a fairy tale, or if you are just in the mood for a well told story filled with magic, romance, and adventure, pamper yourself with this beautiful story you ll be enchanted

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    This book was unbelievably clever, A professional runner studying dead languages happens to take an internship being about the only person in the entire world who could survive what happens to him.The thought of reading ancient stories and having them be about your mom, or dad, or something that s happening to you right nowThe politics and religion of the ancient world were genius and critical to suck a reader in to believe the situation is plausible The thought of ancient Gods coming to our time and manipulating our technology to track down people was priceless.Even the lesser characters had realistic troubles and agendasWell woven.

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    This one s hard for me because every single time I look at the title, I hear this in my mind and it gets tiresome after awhile.Gabe knows what I m talking about.Kat probably does, too, come to think of it.March 12 I ve made it to the halfway mark There s a chance this gets better, there s a chance that all the characters stop being little puppet people cut outs, there s a chance everything stops sounding so confused is it light hearted silliness Is it fairy tale fantasy Is it intellectual historical fiction Is it a brilliant look into storytelling and how revisionist history can be traced back to early Christianity, the move to written words over an oral knowledge base, and how regardless of another culture s take on a tale, the essence of the tale remains the same as does its purpose Can it be all at the same time Answer no, not successfully, not in this case So, yeah, there s a chance this completely turns around but at this point, I hate this book so much that I do not want to take that chance My one star reflects the fact that this book is so loathesome to me that I cannot even slog through the next half to see where it goes I have a good inkling, though, and it s been fairly predictable, though ridiculous, thus far, so I suspect my inkling is close enough to what I d find if I continued to seethe while listening to this My biggest of many peeve Ivan s arrogance It s overwhelming and oppressive I mean, come on, he s a supposed scholar of sorts all entrenched in olden tymes Russia and when he gets a chance to go see what he s studied, first hand, he ARGUES with the people living in that culture about their culture Holy hell on a stick, who does that Why does this guy make assumptions about how this place works when he can clearly see he was wrong about how he thought this place worked Why does he argue and present his superior contemporary logic to anyone and everyone I cannot get over his belief that his university education gave him insight about the time period than being in the actual time period PS thank goodness he chose to study proto Cyrillic languages in college view spoiler You know what really irked me When he decided the kingdomtown of Tyna was to be subsumed by a larger power because he had never heard of it Because there s no way information from 1,000 years ago could simply not make it through to the modern day And everything that is to be known about history is already known and there are no new discoveries Ever So of course this towndom was completely taken over in a small, non mentionable fashion Had it not, had it been able to remain a Christian town among the rest of the heathens, had it done anything of note, Ivan would have read about it in a history textbook But don t worry, he can change all that And again, maybe this all changes in the second half, maybe Ivan realizes he s an asshole who doesn t know what he doesn t know, but I m not willing to go there and find out because I worry I ll stab my own ears out if I have to listen to this a minute hide spoiler

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    So generally I don t read science fiction But, I had two friends highly recommend this book My favorite book, one of them said So I read it Not easily at first because I don t read a lot of fiction these days But, you know what.it was a delightful book I really did enjoy it A little romance And not the normal science fiction that I was expecting Good stuff all around.

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel Stars Ivan is a Russian scholar who moves to America with his family when he is a young boy He decides to visit Russia in order to work on his thesis When he returns, he stumbles across a magical valley where a beautiful girl lays asleep on a raised platform guarded by a bear After freeing the princess with a kiss Ivan finds himself transported back hundreds of years where the evil witch, Babba Yaga, tries everything in her power to stop their happily ever after Honestly, this book was so boring for the first 300 pages The only thing I liked was Babba Yaga and Bear I found all the other characters to be dull and boring and I didn t really care for any of them There was a lot of religious talk and since I am not religious, it got boring to me very quickly Overall, definitely not for me.

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