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    So I m a little late coming to this, as it s been out for a while, but I enjoyed his alternate take on the Alice in Wonderland story The problem with doing a new treatment of such a classic tale is that you will have the purists up in arms, but I thought the story had a lot to recommend it I found Alyss a believable character and who wouldn t like Hatter Madigan I want his backpack.

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    So, I d heard of this book before, and when I saw it in the bin marked free at my old library, I kind of thought I might put it in my middle school classroom for students to read Then I realized what might I be giving my students So I read it.I cannot think of enough negative things to say about this book.First, I have to admit something I ve never even read any of Lewis Carroll s books Not a one So I m no Alice purist But Mr Beddor is just straight up mean spirited If you re going to write a metafiction which is perhaps putting lipstick on the Looking Glass Wars pig , you certainly owe a certain reverence, or even just a bit of politeness, to the source material Casting Lewis Carroll himself in the book as a bumbling, nervous idiot is just poor form.Dayenu, that would have been enough.Let s get to the meat Character naming King Nolan This is only slightly a tougher name than Lord Poodlepants Princess Alyss I have an article Mr Beddor should read, but let s just leave it that Alyss will probably not become a neurosurgeon And so on There were moments of charming creativity there I ll admit, calling the elite card soldiers the Cut was cute , but really.Dayenu.I have an ARC, so I will hope the writing and grammar improve But things ultimately got so bad that I started bookmarking pages specifically with the purpose of listing them here and out of the vacuous dark stepped a girl Vacuous does not mean what he thinks it does with the play of the suns on their caps and the multihued shadows they cast on the valley floor, the Alyssians were greeted The subject of the beginning part of this sentence Mushrooms Not delightful headgear being worn by our heroes But, sadly, the misplaced modifiers kill us dead Heartbreaking.Dayenu.The dialogue This is the sort of book in which we get full quotation marks for stupid things, like a character s yeah of assent Also, is it just me, or do you fall totally out of the story when the author bothers to include things like whoa and duh on a regular basis Maybe I m too picky Also, there s this really bizarre scene with the assassin the Cat going all Travis Bickle on a bunch of trees Full on I don t see anyone else here, so you must have been talking to me How are we, as the readers, supposed to respond to this Are we supposed to think a bioengineered animatronic I have no damn idea cat in an alternate dimension is the inspiration for Taxi Driver Remember, this book takes place in the equivalent of the 1850s 1860s Are we supposed to think he s witty in quoting a kind of played out line of dialogue he has no way of knowing This takes place maybe 70 or 80 pages into a 300 page book and it stands out to me now I have no idea where Mr Beddor was going with this, but he s the creative mind who produced There s Something about Mary, so we know he s up on pop culture.Dayenu.We meet Hatter Madigan, who has nothing at all to do with the Mad Hatter except a similar name and the ownership of a top hat I m of the impression that we re supposed to think he s terrifically cool, given his being real quiet and being good at fighting After all, pop culture is full of this kind of stuff we love quiet dudes who are tough The problem is this he has no actual personality We see him brood by a fire once We see him chuck around his hat a lot We get no dialogue or monologue explaining anything about why he s supposed to be interesting I also have the sense he may be supposed to be a little something for the ladies, but once again, this is my reading of a book that makes no damn sense, and hell if I can figure out why or how, unless we re just supposed to remember that quiet, tough guys generally James Dean or Dirty Harry Dayenu.The worst thing Mr Beddor could think of about Jack of Diamonds was to give him a big butt Seriously The man is clearly a creep and everyone is dumb enough to trust him, against all odds and against any normal human behavior Are all the characters idiots Are they supposed to be fooled by his giant hiney PS How do you SPELL the word pronounced hiney Because I thought it would be funny here but can t quite type it Dayenu.Last one, I swear And this is totally leaving out the big villain Redd, who deserves to be left out for sucking so badly But Wondertropolis This sounds like some sort of lame facebook based game where you d click on things in exchange for points From the second I read it, I WANTED Wondertropolis to fall When I was growing up, I lived near a day camp called Camp Wonderfun I felt the same way about that And the Wonderlanders in Wondertropolis Did Mr Beddor never say these names aloud They re freaking tongue twisters I hate Wondertropolis so bad And it s a magical land fueled by imagination With a Heart Crystal which you would totally click on in the Wondertropolis facebook game And the characters have magical powers of imagination This is lame when it s hawked by Figment at Epcot, and he s cute and has all of Disney behind him But when you have two characters battling it out with their all powerful imaginations You re getting into territory best left unentered.Anyway I hated this book A lot It s not going into my classroom, ever.

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    Some of my goodreads friends loved it, some seemed ambivalent, and some seemed to have hated it Unfortunately very few of them wrote reviews though so I don t know much of what they thought about the book Well, besides the number of stars they gave it After a few seconds of mindful hand wringing, and thinking about what I would rate this book while reading it, I have decided on three stars, although I enjoyed it quite a bit and had quite a bit of fun reading it I really liked the re telling of the Alice story as a dark and violent palace revolt I found most of the book to be very quick paced and kept me reading in a longer stretch than I would have thought this book would have done I actually thought I d do something a bit productive this evening than read an entire teen book, but as the professional reviewers say when they want to get their names on the cover of books for their blurbs, it was difficult to put down If I shut off the critical parts of my brain and just enjoyed the book as pure entertainment I probably would have given this book four stars and if it were a movie I probably would have sat through it and had no complaints, but then most of the movies I see these days are not ones that people would say are, um what s the word Good As I said in some other review though movies are movies and books are books and I expect from the the printed page than the medium of light and sound But it s a teen book or a kid book, right can t you just fucking enjoy the thing Complaint one The book veers into the dangerous terrain of Dungeon Master Bullshit This is a danger whenever unfettered imagination is allowed as a rule in a fictional universe I need restrains of some kind put on things like this Without rules a sort of whimsy takes over where you know that good will beat evil but it s only because the author says so This book doesn t completely fall into this problem but it s enough of a problem that I had a hard time with believing some of what was happening in the book I can accept walking cards and fighting chess pieces, and all of that kind of fantastical world built stuff, but unfettered imagination just doesn t work for me Why wouldn t Redd have been able to just ferret out the remaining Alyssians Why couldn t she spot the real Alyss amongst constructs How could Redd be duped by anyone in her inner circle Too much power is given to some of the characters but then that power needs to be circumnavigated by other characters for there to be a story It s too much like that ridiculous fight in the second Matrix movie where Neo is fighting a bazillion Agent Smiths, it doesn t make any sense how the fight can be won by either side, it should have just been a recursive loop by the rules set up Actually the two sequels to The Matrix are prime examples of Dungeon Master Bullshit I hate those movies Complaint two This is a minor one and in a way it s not a complaint, but big narrative chunks are missing in the book They are the boring parts where characters get from point A to point B, but there are quite a few moments where chunks of what would need to happen is just missing This is good to the readability of the book because it cuts out what is possibly boring and keeps the action moving at a swift pace, but it s also kind of jarring It would be like I created a story where I had to get from New York City to California on foot In New York I have to fight some zombie or something to escape the city and I do that in spectacular fashion and my victory ends a chapter Next chapter I m stepping over the state line into California where a zombie bird is waiting to do battle with me which I also vanquish , but what about the middle stuff A mention at least Complaint three This is sort of a combination of the first two complaints I m going to put it in a spoiler It s not really too much of a spoiler, but, view spoiler How come Alyss and Hatter get separated when they go through the Pool of Tears and it takes Hatter quite a while to get the hang of navigating through the passage ways between Wonderland and the real world but when Cat and the Cards go through they are able to all pop out in the same spot, exactly where they want to be even though none of them had ever done this before And the same for Dodge Was their trial and error that the author just left out Did the rules of going through the portal change Consistency, dammit hide spoiler

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    This book is terrible.In theory, I like it The idea behind it intrigues me, but the reality is that it is just so badly written Good idea, very poor execution Cliche characters Stupid names A writing style so awful it was almost physically painful to read Yet I ll probably read the sequel sequels when it comes out Clearly, I ve learned nothing from reading this book.

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    To the Carroll Alice purists, don t read this book as a tribute spin off etc and you ll be fine To the rest of you, enjoy.That said, let me say that I loved this book I read Alice Wonderland and Looking Glass this past semester for a children s lit class so it was cool to approach this book with those stories so recently re impressed on my mind However, you definitely don t NEED those books close at hand to enjoy this book In fact, as many Carroll lovers vehemently point out, this book is very different from the original Alice books But then, if you want to get down to it, Beddor and the publisher make that quite clearthis is NOT the Alice you know Lewis Carroll got it all wrong.That s not to say you won t find it interesting to have some Alice Carroll knowledge hanging around Beddor does a good job of showing us tidbits of true history in this story He weaves in bits of Alice s and Carroll s history throughout the story But it s not essential that you know what is fact and what is fiction in order to enjoy this.So, approach this book like you would any good adventure fantasy book and prepare to be amazed While his concepts are not entirely unique, Beddor does a great way of weaving them together in new and intriguing ways to weave together a great story Some of the characters familiar to you from the earlier Alice books will be present, but they will take on exciting and interesting new roles The world of Wonderland is a complex place will interesting rules and methods not present in Carroll s Wonderland.The thrust of the plot is a political power struggle and the war that results Even then, the politics are fairly lightweight and don t detract from the other main plot The other main plot is one that remains strangely true to the original Alicethe heart of that plot being Alyss struggle for personal identity Alyss is tossed into our non wonderful world and finds herself mocked and misunderstood for her vivid imagination and wild stories about Wonderland After a long time of struggling, her despair gets the better of her and she denies her previous self possible spoiler When she gets back to Wonderland, she has to struggle with that identity of her past and rekindle her belief and sense of wonder in order to help win the war.The characters were great The introspection with Alyss, particularly as we approach and climax at the final battle, is exquisitely drawn out Hatter is a bit stoic for my taste, but believable And I wanted a little out of Dodge at the end of the book.My two main criticisms with the book are time and dialog.TIMETime passes VERY quickly and sporadically in this book Sometimes spanning years in a couple of sentences and other times very drawn out there s actually a sort of suspension of time as Alyss attempts a certain test, but I won t spoil that by explaining it Most of the time, this worked well But there were quite a few times where I found myself disoriented and trying to figure out when I was This was particularly the case during the main chapters following Alyss life in our world She enters our world at age 7 I had a hard time distinguishing how long she actually spent on the spoilers streets with the orphans, how long in the orphanage, how long with the Liddell s before meeting Dodgson, how long, how long, etc Time whipped by.While I admit that the real world wasn t the crux of the story, I would like to have seen the architecture of the timeline stabilized a bit It was also problematic to try and gauge distances by time as Alyss and her company trekked across the landscape of Wonderland under Redd s ever attentive eye and her Seekers My thinking was that some of these journeys should have taken daysor weeks And yet we re not given any indication as to duration which left it feeling like hours or minutes This is especially true for me as the group makes their final trek to mount the final assault against Redd Based on the descriptions of the landscape, I expected this to take a day or However, the reactions of Redd and her group made it feel like it was a quick tripcouple that with the way Alyss and company actually approach, and it gets even shorter.So time was off putting to me.DIALOGThe dialog was generally really very, very good Lines felt sincere and true to the characters The tone and voice was consistent and sounded good.My main difficulty was in lack of speaker acknowledgment at times There were occasions where a line or two of dialog appears suddenly without any Alyss said or Hatter grunted or any of that Usually you could figure it out by context, but I found myself having to reread some lines to be sure.The most common were in the handful of exclamations that were sound than dialog Aah , for example It s a great effect that jolts the reader into the sense of shock or pain of the character, but without an identifier, it distracted from the moment if I had to try and deduce which character just got slammed or whatever.The other problem was that the words and phrases sometimes sounded too modern for the time I can write some of this away by the explanation of the relation between Wonderland and our world It seems that as evidenced by the inventions sent through the heart crystal , our world is somewhat behind Wonderland and relies on Wonderland for its innovation and progress If that s the case, then this could be presented as an explanation albeit rickety for the modern tone of some of the speech.____________________________________Still All in all, I loved this and look forward to the next book in the series 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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    Why does she love this book you ask Let me count the waysFirst before I start, I don t want to hear any of your crap about this book I ve read it five time and counting, I know just wanted to make that clear ok Reasons why I m reading this book again The way Beddor handles the story is creative.I don t want to hear that Alice is the WHOLE WORLD HOW CAN HE DESTROY A SUPERB CLASSIC Now, I do love Alice in Wonderland dearly I do think is a great classic And I don t hate it like Mr Beddor does But for God s SAKE people It s a remake of the story And it s an original, believable story I mean, Redd based on the Queen of Hearts is SUPPOSED to be an EVIL QUEEN right The characters are AH MAZING Don t want to hear crap about that either I ve heard from several reviews that his characters are one dimensional, uninteresting unoriginal characters And I ll agree to that to some extent But I still love their freshness, the jump off the page characters, you know where every single one of the characters come from too which is nice By the way Dodge haters,if I was in Dodge s place, I would go and battle the Cat Frank Beddor gives these fairy tale characters a life That s all a character asks for The writing is really goodAgain, no crap The book is not about writing It s about PLOT In this book, writing helps the characters and plot move It isn t supposed to make you go WOW You know, some books aren t made to have superb, amazing high quality writing But this is pretty decent writing already So shut up about that It stays faithful to the original book.No guys, LGW DOSEN T dumb down Alice Beddor just takes a different turn Can you accept that for once The characters already show it, and the London part shows it Just read those parts again and tell me if I m a stupid moron and I don t get it The message of this book is Carroll got it wrong not Alice is such a stupid little book Let s see my take on it because I want to be greedy YAY I reread Alice after I read this, I looked at it with whole new eyes without thinking less of it If you guys think I m an idiotic moron who dosen t have a life, comment here But please do realize that I do respect hater s opinion, I m just sick of all the complaints and the THIS AUTHOR MUST DIE on One Star reviews OK That s all

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    In a nutshell Fantastic idea, horribly executed.The writing did nothing for it I almost never start on an author s writing style but in this case, it was a significant factor in how I viewed the book The style described too much in the wrong cases, not enough with the right ones There was also a lot of telling rather than showing The short, almost inconsiderate descriptions of the character s feelings made it seem false I couldn t get a grasp on the characters at all.This was an absolutely brilliant idea If it had been executed differently, this could have risen to Harry Potter status or at least, it would have had the potential to The idea was fresh, new and incredible It justnever took off the ground for me I found myself skipping pages and I would still know exactly what was going on.Writing aside, nothing anchored me to the characters Even if you hate a character, that means that there was enough given that you re CAPABLE of hating them It means that they were put through situations and were complete and total idiots and did a million things wrong and you hate their guts for it But at least you have the proof When you can t even cast an opinion on a characteroooh, well, that just goes to show that you weren t shown much But Dodge and Alyss had such incredible potential I just wish they were shown better I could have really come to love them as characters Same goes for the antagonist Redd was downright creepy at first, but she quickly lost credibility.The dialog required much needed help It was mostly in the dialog that I lost the characters Even with the sometimes skimpy writing, dialog can pick up the slack Not in this case, though I wrote a review for this now because I m 95% certain that I won t be picking it up again If I ever have children, I would try it out on them because it s of a read out loud kind of book But for readers who have a preference for complex, lyrical writing that must be read inwardly, I don t recommend this book to you.I gave it a B because I respect the idea so much It wouldn t feel right to bring it lower than B status Perhaps if Frank Beddor writes another series, I would take a chance on it Otherwise, I m not venturing into Wonderland again.

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    I was a little bit disappointed by this book, not gonna lie The idea was SO interesting and had so much potential It s definitely one of the most original Alice retellings I ve read, it was unique and I loved it But what left me feeling disappointed was how juvenile the writing was I know it s classified as a YA novel but at times it felt like I was reading a children s book, that s how juvenile the writing felt to me.

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    Audiobook 186

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    Oh, by gosh by golly I loved this book It s Alice in Wonderland on crack Fabulous

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The Looking Glass Wars Alyss Of Wonderland When Alyss Heart, Newly Orphaned Heir To The Wonderland Throne, Flees Through The Pool Of Tears To Escape Her Murderous Aunt Redd, She Finds Herself Lost And Alone In Victorian London Befriended By An Aspiring Author Named Lewis Carrol, Alyss Tells The Violent, Heartbreaking Story Of Her Young Life Alyss Trusts This Author To Tell The Truth So That Someone, Somewhere Will Find Her And Bring Her Home But He Gets The Story All Wrong He Even Spells Her Name Incorrectly Fortunately, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan Knows All Too Well The Awful Truth Of Alyss Story And He S Searching Every Corner Of Our World To Find The Lost Princess And Return Her To Wonderland, To Battle Redd For Her Rightful Place As The Queen Of Hearts The Looking Glass Wars Unabashedly Challenges Our Wonderland Assumptions Of Mad Tea Parties, Grinning Cheshire Cats, And A Curious Little Blond Girl To Reveal An Epic Battle In The Endless War For Imagination