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    Move to the top of your TBRThis book will take you outside of yourself and make the world fall away I ve had many pretty things to say about Emm Cole s other two novels but The Short Life Of Sparrows is of an experience than a story I usually like to share amusing gif s with my bigger reviews but for this one, I m going to paste imagery which recreates the haunting beauty this novel inspired within my imagination I even felt romantic, reading this, like the life between the pages could be transferred to my own existence and make it There is nothing generic about this novel Every character, every scene, every plot twist is utterly unique and following the adventure felt like having one of those really good stretches after having sat in the same position for so long, turning page after page of cliches before finding something that makes you shiver deliciously It s seductive, whimsical, gripping and oh so beautiful that it will make you ache.As an author I must admit that I m green with jealousy over Emm s incredible use of descriptive language She just has a way of painting a picture with a magic brush that the rest of us could never wield with such understated, creative elegance And I assume that this would have been a very easy task for her with a storyline so unlike any other She s taken such a stock standard subject, like witches, and put this fantastical spin on it so that you end up feeling like she s gone out on a mythology branch of her own creation and I suppose that it exactly what she s done The village where the novel is set is like no other This story is dark, very dark at times and then ethereally light at others and yet the setting is just so damn unique that it offers yet another level for the imagination to roll about on Imagine if Tim Burton and Dr Suess painted a canvas together that s what I saw in the Seer s village, where the witches have the ability to change their houses and affect their environment to suit their needs, provided they don t mind offering a sacrifice in return It s just so creative There s this magical atmosphere to it which is almost consistently touched by foreboding and then you have these two sects of people existing separately, but in close proximity to one another and safeguarding the human race which they have completely detached themselves from The seer s are the witches, and the Nightbloods are their, well I ll use mates for lack of a better word because although their lives are woven together by unbreakable threads, they can never be cinched tightly enough to become one Both sects must make use of their magical gifts, but if they get too close, all hell breaks loose And when an Ordinary human comes to live amongst these eccentric people, the shit really does hit the cauldron and a whole lot of mysteries suddenly unfurl to stage a very romantic and often painful romance.TSLOS is sexy and haunting Exciting and yet homey and every single character is captivating, especially the three main characters I love the fact that the heroine Call isn t some Mary Jane, she s sassy and bitter and quick to lose her temper, and the two male protagonists Okay so one s a sexy ass antagonist Woot Go the bad boys are so real that they practically peel themselves off the page 5 stars are not enough Read this if you re in to Paranormal romance, Fantasy romance, Fantasy, Romance, Dark Fantasy or you know Books Move this to the top of your TBR and watch this lady very closely because she s going to open minds and rock worlds

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    What can I say about The Short Life of Sparrows Every time I think about the title I want to cry And yes, that s a good thing This book brought me out of a lengthy book funk I wasn t connecting with anything I picked up until I met Calli, Isaiah, Rowe, and Daphne.The Short Life of Sparrows delves into the world of Seers and Nightbloods witches and warlocks to Ordinaries like you and me The story is told from both Calli and Isaiah s POV in alternating chapters Calli is a feisty Seer who is on the verge of turning eighteen and experiencing her first Awakening, a vision of an event that will happen among the Ordinaries Calli is headstrong, sometimes to a fault, but you can t help but love her Isaiah is the reluctant hero who I fell for the moment I met him He s an Ordinary who takes a summer job as a hired hand for Lil, Calli s aunt.I won t recap the story because learning how this world works is what draws you in Discovering the roles the Seers and Nightbloods play, their purpose, and the breaking down of stereotypes will keep the pages turning And the love Don t forget about the love I m a huge fan of building relationships, not wham insta love The Short Life of Sparrows has meaningful relationships in spades Not just between the love interests, but in the relationships of the secondary characters as well Speaking of, I kinda love Mildred Just wait until you meet her Emm Cole writes the scenery and emotions in this story so well Nothing is over the top It s justperfect There are a couple borderline gruesome situations, but nothing I couldn t handle Until the end.Fair warning your heart will be ripped out, stomped on, and returned to you a bruised mess Have the tissues ready because this is an ugly cry UGLY How could you do this to me Emm I kept waiting for a miracle, and it never happened It never happened. Might I suggest a re write Pleeeeeeeese Even though she broke my heart, I love this story and the author For those of you I worried with my last paragraph, there is an HEA Curious I thought you might be Pick up The Short Life of Sparrows You won t regret it.

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    I very much enjoyed the story Felt it was a real fiction A view into the unknown it was well developed i was really involved with the characters early on in the book as the two main characters tell you their stories it kept my attention from beginning to end

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    Wow I m not even sure what to say about this book The ending was not as I expected at all It was devastating and unbelievable Yet It was beautiful in its own way.This is told from two point of views This automatically made me think that these two would fall in love, but I was surprised by the many twists in the story I don t want to spoil anything so just go read about Calli and Isaiah and Rowe and Daphne.

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    I finished this book squealing with delight Now, as I am writing this review I am embarrassing myself, shovelling praise all over poor Emm Cole in true fan girl style whilst bombarding her with questions.Will this be a series Please let there be another Even at the half way point, perhaps even the beginning I knew the remaining pages wouldn t be enough I raced through this story I simply couldn t put it down I had to know the secrets that lie hidden within the coven walls, and boy was there many And I was right., turning that final page, it wasn t enough Although I got all the answers I needed and some I could have done without I still haven t forgiven Cole for one in particular I still need In fact I am considering going all Kathy Bates on Cole Subjection to misery until she submits to a sequel Now, before I am arrested I should move on You think you know this genre You know how this story will play out You know nothing John Snow I was than half way though before I realised I was completely on the wrong path Cole has created a unique world for Callie where not everything is at it appears to be and I could not put it down until I squeezed the essence out of this book and when I was done I had laughed, shivered in fear, cried and cheered Oh and I added another name to my little black book of book boyfriends This is a unique and engaging read that I will continue to read again and again Nothing I can say would do this story justice You will just have to trust me, read it then thank me later

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    Review to come after I remember how to think and breathe and form sentences.In the meanwhile READ THIS BOOK And make sure you have tissues at the ready ETA First of all, I d like to state that it s been 10 hours since I finished reading this book and that my eyes, despite the pitiful amount of sleep I actually got after opting to read instead of following Mr Sandman into the woods, are still puffy I look like crap And I couldn t be happier about that fact.I also want to point out that this review won t be of the fact based variety It ll be a emotional, messy and longwinded declarationoflove kind You ll understand, after you ve read it Okay flexes fingers Here we go.I admit that it took me a few chapters to get into the book My mind was a bit distracted, I found myself wondering how a dirt poor orphan could express himself so beautifully, and I was generally a bit off in my reading Maybe I should have taken that as a hint and continued to read my bathtub novel you know The kind that you bring on vacation or into the tub Amusing but nothing of much importance Nothing that STICKS but I am glad I didn t because then I found myself entranced with this story, and desperately in love with its characters.You know the feeling When you have to be elsewhere but you can t concentrate on what you re supposed to do, because you just really want to go home and read of those enchanting words Yeah, that feeling.So I made a huge mistake.Come nighttime, I grabbed my phone and started up my Kindle I was just a little ways into the book and I figured I d just read a chapter I really needed to go straight to sleep but what harm could a chapter maybe two do Right Wrong Several hours later, my heart was shattered into pieces, my eyes were smarting from too many tears, my nose was red and swollen from all the sniffling and I was so deeply, madly, hopelessly in love with the book even if it DARED to end that I had no choice but to curl up on the couch, have a huge glass of tea and just focus on trying to remember how to breathe I kid you not I laughed out loud so many times that I am amazed my husband got even a little bit of sleep, highlighted portions of the pages than I ever think I have in a book and I cried so hard I literally and I MEAN that Not in the way it s used, but really, really couldn t breathe and had to kick my mattress to get my emotions out.Is this book perfect Maybe not There might have been a few minor mistakes I stress the word MINOR here At times I wondered a little about actions and reactions but you know who make me feel that way You know who makes me questions their ways People do Real people That s they key here.These characters are than words on paper They have hearts and souls and secrets and are complex in a way that moves me and makes me want to count them as my friends.Emm Cole has written than a book.She s fashioned a world of wondrous people and magnificient, horrifying, heartbreakingly beautiful beings.She s told tales of love in so many ways not just romantic love but love for firends, for family, for oneself She s written of loneliness, of fear, of cruelty and callousness Of hope, wishes and of the secrets people keep from themselves.She s done so in the most eloquent, exquisite of ways, painting a vivid world that is mesmerising in and of itself.And she stole a piece of my heart with it.I repeat what I said before READ THIS BOOK.Make sure you have time for it and that your spouse if you re reading next to him her isn t of the kind that wakes easily.and don t forget the tissues I got this book for Kindle, free of charge as the author had a Halloween giveaway, but not in exchange for anything at all Not even a review I just honestly fell desperately in love with it and chose to review it I WILL buy a paperback version as well Just one is NOT enough

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    Let s just get this out of the way What a great book It is very unique and creative Well written Imaginative and completely threw me for a loop In The ShortLife of Sparrows, we get chapters in alternate POVs Callie and Isaiah We start with Callie when she s at a cusp in her life when she becomes an adult and goes to her own Awakening Kinda like a debutant party except in the extreme It s the beginning of the end for these women, the start of their dreaming of the horrible things Ordinary s will do, which is a price that these people pay for their magic gift And Callie isn t looking forward to her new life of dreams, much less her first vision Meanwhile, Lil Callie s aunt takes on an Ordinary, Isaiah, who rocks what the rest of the community thinks of Ordinaries and challenges their preconceived notions of how useful they are Callie and Isaiah were both likable characters and it was nice to see an actual friendship build between them vs a romantic relationship It was touching and I felt as they did they were sibling like in their affections The romances that did develop with Daphne and Rowe not with each other of course was also very well told I really enjoyed seeing how Rowe changed throughout the book How the consequences of using magic was only brought to his attention after he realized how upset Callie was How he wasn t afraid of using magic if it meant she was okay The romance that built between he and Callie was slow, but definitely sweet and deep But it was the changes within Callie that was the real focal point of the story How she let go of her prejudices with both Isaiah and Rowe, and allowed the story to unfold at her pace.I was completely thrown by the ending I mean, completely.thrown I have to admit, I shed some tears when I read the last few chapters It was so touching and special Although it was unexpected, I absolutely loved the ending and the heartfelt emotions it evoked It was a really creative and well written story and one that I ll reread in the future Thanks for the opportunity to review it.

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    Goodreads deleted my review from 3 years ago So I will write a new one I was just thinking about this book I saw a sparrow and my heart hurt because I thought of this title Emm Cole is brilliant Her style of writing is absolutely beautiful and I cannot understand why this book is not popular How have none of my GR friends read this It needs to change You know those books that you read and think about years later Literally this one is it It was so unexpected that I would love this book as much as I do The journey that you fall into with this story is just wonderful and heartbreaking and breathtaking and just downright amazing.

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    Poor writing, boring characters, and inane world building, unfortunately none of which are enough to cover the fact that the plot is little than a series of sexual encounters The reader is endlessly told what their community is like but never any good reasons why I listened to the audiobook and without even reading a physical copy I could tell this is some self published freebie, verified by the fact that so many reviews mention a ton of spelling and grammar errors in their ebooks I appreciate that the author did not force a romance between the two narrators, but I also recognize that it s so she can give the bad boy a cliche redemption arc I m just not getting all the glowing reviews, as almost every other fantasy book my favorite genre that I ve ever read has been better than this

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    Generally, this sort of teen YA paranormal genre doesn t appeal to me, but I liked the poetic title and the gorgeous cover, so I gave it a chance It starts out with a flash and peters out until near the end But the characters are fleshed out and the world building is done pretty well I m so glad there was no love triangle in this one I m not a fan of the alternating first person POV, but this might be because I listened to it.Pamela Lorence does a really great job narrating The female voices sounded very good for the characters and her pacing was fantastic I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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The Short Life of Sparrows The Nightbloods And Seers Have Many Buried Secrets Some Of Those Secrets Are DeadlyBeneath The Light Of A Full Moon, The Coven Is Dancing They Are Dancing As They Await Another Awakening, A Dream That Defines Every Witch S Destiny It Doesn T Matter That The Coven Is Cheering And Anticipating Her Turn Into Womanhood, Because Calli Doesn T Want Any Of It She Doesn T Want To See The Face Of The Hired Hand Isaiah, Nor Does She Desire The Pursuits Of A Very Determined Nightblood As She Runs From A Future With The Ordinary Help She Knows That Regardless Of Whether She Taps Into Forbidden Magic Or Not, An Awakening Is Rud To Hold Ultimate Power Over The Seer Who Dreams ItWhile The Other Seers Her Age Are Given To Their Parties, Their Enchantments, And The Lust Of Nightblood Suitors, Calli Must Choose How She Ll Endure The Worst Of Her Visions There May Be A Way To Survive Her Sleep, But She S Not Sure She Can Defeat The Truth That Will Find Her When She S Wide Awake Does Real Love Even Stand A Chance Against The Darkest Of Magic