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Time Enough for Love (Italian Time Travel, #2) Through Dark Magic, Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn Has Been Swept Back In Time To Medieval Italy There, She Finds Herself In The Midst Of A War Between Italy S Rightful Queen, Adelaide, And Those Who Have Kidnapped Her And Seek To Usurp Her Crown Risking Her Life, Gwen Elects To Play A Pivotal Role In The Planned Rescue In The Chaos, She Is Drawn To The Queen S Champion, Lord Alberto Uzzo, Who Battles Not Only Their Military Foes But Also His Personal DemonsTested To The Limit When He Discovers Gwen S True Identity As A Time Traveler, Alberto Nevertheless Fights Through His Doubt And The Whirl Of Superstition That Surrounds This Intriguing And Strong Willed Woman Time Is Of The Essence As The Lovers Seek To Overcome The Evil Forces Rallying Against The Queen They Ve Vowed To Save Will Gwen And Alberto Be Able To Overcome The Groundswell Of Danger To Find Time Enough For Love

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    I normally read historical romances to escape from my world as I know it I love going back in time, to the fancy balls, being a part of the royal court and hearing about the clothing I just enjoy immersing myself in the culture of the day But I rarely get a world history lesson This is why I love Morgan O Neill s time travel books They entice you into their world by the promise of a good romantic love story that crosses over dimensions to find each other s soul mate In this case, it s Gwen, a 21st century woman who s capable of standing on her own, but finds her true love in tenth century Italy Then, they craftily slip in a history lesson, using real people from, in this case, ancient northern Italy The forbidden love story between Adelaide and Otto, from Germany, is touching And true If you re a time travel junkie like me, you definitely should add all of Morgan O Neill s books to your TBR list You will not be disappointed.

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    Time travel, royal romance, edge of your seat danger, and historical and fictional characters melded into a stunning story are the elements of Morgan O Neill s Time Enough for Love, Book II of the Italian Time Travel series When linguist and thoroughly modern Gwendolyn Godwyn fell through time during a violent earthquake, ending up in north Italy in 952, she wound up in a dangerous, different time, when factions warred for kingdoms and witchcraft, treachery, and torture were tools for those around her Gwen s cunning, knowledge of language, and determination to survive impossible odds earned her the respect of a handful of men who learned she was a woman, not the monk she pretended to be and the love of Lord Alberto Uzzo of Canossa, who cannot be with her until he defeats the villainous Berengar, who has kidnapped Queen Adelaide Berengar s wife is the witch Willa of Tuscany, who delights in torturing the queen, and who brought Gwen from 21st century Italy when she caused an earthquake to entrap Gwen s cousin, Stefano Willa, Berengar and their legions want nothing than to kill Gwen and Alberto, and the lovers must fight each day for survival But as passionate and uplifting as readers will find the romance between Gwen and Alberto, the second, historical romance will enthrall them just as much On the day before her arranged marriage, Princess Adelaide had a brief encounter with King Otto of Germany and survived a lonely marriage, widowhood, and torture with the memory of those innocent moments and the belief that some day, she and King Otto would have a true chance at love If you ve read Ms O Neill s On the Other Side of Heaven, this new release will continue the story, but you ll be just as mesmerized by Time Enough for Love even if this is your first journey through the Italy she writes about with such skill Clear knowledge of the customs, dangers, and even landscape of early Italy set a stage for both fictional and historical characters to use in telling their stories I almost expected to be disappointed by the ending before I began reading Time Enough for Love, because I couldn t imagine an ending that could make me happy for Gwen Often in time travel, one simply goes back but if you live ardently with someone you truly love, what do you do Could a modern woman, not used to hiding capabilities, not used to groveling, or being submissive, survive without returning To my complete amazement, an ending I did not expect made me say wow Time Enough to Love is a wonderful sequel to its companion, and a stand alone read worth any number of wows

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    With regret I have just read the last page of Time Enough for Love Book Two in Morgan O Neill s Italian time travel series This book is the stunning conclusion to the story of 21st century Gwendolyn Godwyn s journey back to AD 951 To Italy s Dark Ages To the battles and intrigue surrounding the struggle by Queen Adelaide and her loyal supporters, led by Alberto Uzzo, Lord of Canossa, to hold the throne against Willa of Tuscany and Count Berengar.Already dragged into the dangerous conflict between the queen s supporters and Berengar s army, Gwen, once in the disguise of a young monk, risks her life to free the queen from Berengar s filthy prison And gives her heart to the dark warrior, Alberto, despite her shocking secret that she comes from a time over a thousand years in his future I have read five Morgan O Neill books and find the authors to be masterful storytellers who weave a three dimensional tapestry of timeless love and adventure into faultlessly researched historical events Not only was the romance between Gwen and Alberto powerful and passionate, but the authors also treated us to the historically factual love affair between Queen Adelaide and her champion, King Otto For me, I not only enjoyed a riveting and heart warming read, but had a front row seat in one of the darkest but little known periods in our history Do not miss this series

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    The continuing tale of Gwen Godwyn picks up where it left off in the first novel of the Italian Time Travel Series The Other Side of Heaven In Time Enough for Love, Gwen, Alberto, Queen Adelaide, and all the many other characters are still in the midst of a battle for territory, but importantly, the crown Gwen and Alberto, determined to save the rightful Queen and keep the evils surrounding her at bay, find themselves in some difficult and seemingly impossible situations In the midst of saving a queen, they must also save themselves and the love growing between them But when Alberto learns the truth of Gwen s real time travelling origins, that might be easier said than done As with book one, the sequel Time Enough for Love is still filled with just as much rich historical details and non stop movement meant to keep the reader on their toes with thrill The authors do such a superb job of keeping the reader engaged from start to finish, I literally read book one, then book two, in one day one right after the other I wanted no, needed to see these characters and the tale to the finish You can t help but root for these characters and want them all or at least those who deserve it , because there are than just the main two, to get their happily ever after I find it just as difficult with this novel as with the first one to say much about the plots or events because really, giving one thing away gives too much away I think these novels are meant to be devoured without hints of what s to come because expecting one thing could very well derail the experience the authors worked so hard to achieve at the end And work they did the ending was just as emotional and touching as I hoped it would be I was happy to see the closure given Do pick up the Italian Time Travel series It s beyond worth the read Engaging and a perfect read you won t be able to put down.

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    This book oh, wow this book I ve come to expect nothing but the finest stories from Morgan O Neill, but Time Enough for Love surpassed even those high expectations While I ve enjoyed the fruits of what must be countless hours of research that goes into historical sagas such as O Neill writes, I was struck anew by how this author duo applied the research in masterful strokes throughout the story One of my favorite parts of the book was when the characters encountered a monk by the name of Bernard who was becoming known for his dogs and their rescue efforts It was mentioned in passing and lasted maybe a sentence, and yet it added such depth and authenticity to the story that it nearly struck me breathless And the poignancy at the end of this story with the examination of certain time traveling paradoxes I finished this book a week ago, and it took me this long to get my thoughts in order to a higher level other than I LOVE THIS BOOK And, perhaps, that thought is enough after all I anticipate the next series from O Neill, The Thornless Rose with baited breath.

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    This book continues the time traveling adventures of Gwen Godwyn.Gwen finds herself trapped in ancient Italy far from her Californian roots, but she realizes that she has to follow her heart, and it has been captured by the rugged Alberto Uzzo She finds herself in love with Alberto, but before she can committed, he must know the truth all of it from beginning to end.I fell in love with wayward Gwen and the romantic Alberto in Book 1, The Other Side of Heaven And this book did not disappoint I found myself crying along with Gwen, and anguishing with Alberto.This series has something for everyone Time traveling adventure, an evil magic doer, a lost Queen, and star crossed lovers I highly recommend this awesome series by the writing team of Morgan O Neill, it is not to be missed I m anxiously waiting for whatever they have for us next.Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader

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    Time Enough for Love ReviewBy Stephanie FreemanTime travel is such a magical concept, but to it have slow dance in concert with the prospect of love The world kneels in awe of it The writing team of Morgan O Neill has done it again with this second installment to the Italian Time Travel Series Time Enough for Love.Like Gwen, the heroine of this series, I was swept away by dark magic to a time out of mind when war raged and a kingdom hung in the balance Alberto, the hero of this series is the epitome of love at its best His sacrifices in the face of war in the pursuit of love.resonates throughout the book in such a way that he lingers with me still The detail and the sheer scope of the novel kept this reader rooted to her favorite chair far beyond the wee hours of morn.I am a fan and by the end of this book you will be too.

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    Morgan O Neill weaves magic into historical fact in the fascinating time travel romance Time Enough for Love, Book Two of the Italian Time Travel Series, Gwendolyn Godwyn faces danger and death as she navigates her way through medieval Italy Having fallen in love with Alberto Uzzo, their love persists through separation, life threatening encounters and the ultimate test the truth about Gwendolyn The contrast between good and evil personified in Queen and later Saint Adelaide and her foil Willa is deftly written in both character and plot Gripping imprisonments, well drawn battle scenes and tender love scenes make Time Enough for Love a book you will not be able to put down And the frosting on the cake is the Author Notes section at the end explaining the historical basis for the novel.

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    Time Enough for Love is a wonderful follow up to The Other Side of Heaven You can read it as a stand alone title but why short change yourself Read them both, in order You ll thank me.I loved both stories, but Time Enough for Love is my favorite I loved the secondary romance of queen Adelaide and her dashing champion, King Otto As with every Morgan O Neill story, actual history becomes a living, breathing thing even if occasionally embellished These heroes and heroines have passion and grit, maturity and nobility I highly recommend this.

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    This sequel to The Other Side of Heaven is just as rich in historical detail and drama as the previous book The continuing romance between Gwen and Alberto with its complications and heartbreak, and its lovely conclusion will make readers anxious and then smiling happily We also get the added pleasure of the romance between King Otto and Queen Adelaide, from its hopeless beginning to their joyous reunion Both were wonderfully well done and emotionally satisfying The ending of the book, and the series, though, really got me It was a true tear jerker I loved it