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  • Hardcover
  • 454 pages
  • Scarlet
  • Marissa Meyer
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9780312642969

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    She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him 3 1 2 stars I do not know that this is actually an amazing book, but dammit, it was entertaining Honestly, I pretty much hated Cinder when I finally forced myself through it last year It was a 1 star, ranty hate at all the wasted potential and worst of all tediousness But so many commenters told me to read Scarlet anyway At first, I wasn t going to Seems kind of stupid to read the sequel to a book you disliked so much, right But, somehow, over time, my curiosity got the better of me And hell, I just had so much fun reading this I think Scarlet is a much interesting and less bland character than Cinder, and her introduction to the story actually contributed to making Cinder and her story exciting The big twist in this book is easy to guess, but it is surrounded by little mysteries and surprises that I never expected, keeping the pace at breakneck speed.I love the girl power, the emphasis put on Scarlet s love for her grandmother, and even the romance Unlike with Cinder and Kai who I also had way sympathy for in this book , I enjoyed the arc of this relationship and found myself curious where it would lead And there s something about a sexy wolf that just does it for me Maybe I have problems.So strange how much I liked this sequel It still feels very much like a light, YA sci fi and yet the fire in this book makes the pages fly by and the characters appeal to me We are starting to get answers to bigger questions and I m looking forward to seeing what else Meyer has up her sleeve.I also can t wait to get to Fairest because Levana is a raging bitch and I want to know why Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    of a 3.5 I really enjoyed this installment in the Lunar Chronicles, but I didn t think it was as good as Cinder I was annoyed reading about Scarlet throughout this book We really didn t get to know her, we only saw her concerned about her grandmother and wolf I did love the sections that were focused on Cinder though I also really liked how the two story lines came together I m looking forward to jumping into Cress

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    Even better than CINDER I could NOT put it down yesterday And when I was forced to put it down yes, FORCED , I could NOT stop thinking about it It was absolutely amazing Beautiful and heartbreaking and action packed and justwow Can t wait for the next book

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    This series is quite special to me.Some months ago, after struggling with SO MANY science fiction reads, I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, it may not a genre for me Dur I didn t take it well, let s say, because that meant the hundreds and hundreds hyped sci fi books out there would most likely not appeal to me either I know that not every genre can work for everyone, but it s always unfortunate to learn something like this I just realized how dramatic my confession must have sounded, but I can t help it if that s how I felt at that time.But, the thing is, after reading Cinder, Scarlet and some of their short stories and LOVING all of them Scarlet the most however I realized that, in the book world too, it is not exclusively black or white There are shades, exceptions And thank god, because starting this series literally made me realize how there are certainly some other books of this genre out there that I might enjoy as well Seeking them doesn t hurt Now that this problem has been resolved, I shall start working my way to at least tolerating horror reads, heh.Why I preferred this sequel to the first book is probably due to the fact that this continuation to the Lunar Chronicles series contained multiple POVs, unlike Cinder did, of what I remember We had Cinder s of course, Scarlet s, Kai s, Captain Thorne s and even one chapter from Queen Levana s point of view With so many different events, plunging into a state of boredom was something impossible to achieve But no one s complaining, wink wink Something else that appealed to me was the swoon worthy, handsome, charming, unforgettable male leads I know Prince Kai was wonderful even though a little too simple and banal, prince status aside in book one, but I definitely saw a second side of him, mature and serious and loyal in this read If I wasn t convinced before, now I absolutely agree that he would make a great and honest leader that will only grow and rule with kindness and as much fairness as possible.The only thing that could have been different is Scarlet and Wolf s love for each other It did take time before they warmed up to one another, but, when they did, their sentiments did not gradually evolve from that point In the contrary, like a rocket, it is as if whatever sparkled could not be controlled and, well, it did not feel realistic Although, I can understand, this being a fairytale retelling, that some elements were rather embellished to a magical and dreamy point On purpose or not, that I do not know.Nonetheless, Scarlet deserves every single star I gave it

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    Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time, there was a little girl let s call her Rina who loved fairytales Her favorite was Red Riding Hood, and she knew this story by heart since she was 2 years old everyone thought that this was a sign of her intelligence but in my opinion it was a warning A warning that she d never shup up The girl grew up and decided to become a lawyer so that people would pay her to talk non stop and she came across a horrible, horrible dilemma she had to choose between what she had to do and what she wanted to do She had to study, she had to finish her incredibly boring difficult essay and being a perfectionist she barely had enough time to sleep, let alone read But she wanted to read, to get lost inside her books, to travel in faraway lands and witness the upcoming war between Earth and Luna In a desperate effort to balance her life goals, she stayed up all night to finish Scarlet so that there wouldn t be any distractions from her studies.Pathetic excuse, I know She read it because Marissa Meyer had the wondeful ability to make her forget her fears, her insecurities and worries and instead she introduced her to a world where Cinderella was a cyborg and a fugitive who tried to come to terms with the revelations that changed her life, where the Big Bad Wolf was a boy that tried to control his bloodlust and questioned the way he was raised, where Little Red was a feisty girl who would do anything to save her grandmother and smugglers were extremely hot She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him Rina found Scarlet s story extremely addictive She was not the heroine she expected her to be She was brave, stubborn, hot headed and always ready for a fight, she was the little sister Hulk never had Rina followed her quest wide eyed and eager for adventures, secrets and romance because stars above Scarlet s dynamic with Wolf made her feel fuzzy and giddy and warm inside It took her a while to trust Wolf, but she couldn t resist the urge to hug him and cuddle him and make him her personal teddy bear I think I realized that I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you See Sweeter than milk chocolate But his savage and wild side was also intriguing and kind of hot Rina could not predict his secrets and the reasons he acted this way, he hurt her many times but she always forgave him But Wolf wasn t the only adorable male character in Scarlet There was also Kai and his difficult decisions that almost made her weep And there was Thorne Captain Thorne A blend of Disney s Flynn Rider, Han Solo and Dean Winchester.Yummy Such a hilarious character that could not stop talking a sign from the Universe that he should marry Rina , self centered and charming and loyal just great His interactions with Cinder Brotp alert Cinder was likeable when she was next to him and wanted to smack his head A captain always knows where his ship is It s like a psychic bond If only we had a captain here When a book features an awesome gang, chaos, war, prison breaks, evil monarchs, bloodthirsty beasts, fights and psychic powers, it s impossible not to love it And bleary eyed, disoriented and sleepy Rina was no exception P.S Do I even have to say it Cinder review Cress review Winter review Stars Above review

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    There should be to this book.I m a sucker for a good fairytale rewrite so I mostly enjoyed this retelling of Red Riding Hood BUT, the couple in this one Scarlet and Wolf and the book in general seemed to be missing something What s your name, anyway That awkward shrug again They call me Wolf at the fights Wolf How predatory It s like they are on the cusp of being truly great but fell a smidge short Their rapport just seemedoff Forced might be a better word Wolf, are you asking me to be your alpha female Perhaps it was Scarlet s complete lack of common sense oh, the Wolf has something to do with my grandmother Suspicious background Unparalleled fighting skills Great, I ll follow him into the wilderness. Or maybe it was the frustrating subplot CINDER why won t you just send Kai an email or something You re half robot, I m sure you can figure out how to send a digital message. Or it could have been the even frustrating subplot KAI You have LITERALLY trained for this your entire life How are you so consistently bad at being Emperor Or maybe it was Wolf s nah, he was just too great He was the shining beacon of light in this one.Overall, this was an entertaining, light read I liked most of it especially the subtle hints of the characters yet to come and I really look forward to the next one Edit As pointed out by Angela s Booked, I completely neglected to mention the absolute best part of the book Thorne.I mean, how could you not love him There s this A relieved grin filled up Thorne s face We re having another moment, aren t we If by a moment, you mean me not wanting to strangle you for the first time since we met, then I guess we are And this But I m a wanted fugitive, like Cinder Thorne continued They do realise I m missing, don t they Maybe they re grateful, Cinder muttered. AND THIS I don t like to think of it as stolen They have no proof that I didn t plan on giving it back I am eternally sorry for neglecting the banter in my original review.Audiobook CommentsExceptionally well read by Rebecca Soler Loved the voices If you are curious about Rebecca Soler, check Tucker the Reader s interview Blog Instagram Twitter

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    I don t even know what to do with myself right now This review probably won t make sense, and I m probably leaving a shit ton out, but here goes I was lucky to score an advanced copy of Scarlet from Marissa Meyer while at Comic Con.Totally me.I was in the middle of another book which I quickly finished in order to start this So, Cinder left us with our heroine basically on the run after finding out that she was Princess Selene Scarlet opens by introducing us to the new character in this universe, aptly named Scarlet who is looking for her missing Grandmother and along the way meets a mysterious guy who goes by Wolf The book started off a little slow for me I, like I m sure most will be, was concerned with what was happening with Cinder and Prince Kai than I was with Scarlet and her journey But Meyer s storytelling would not let that be, and I found myself eagerly enjoying Scarlet s feisty personality while also searching for how Scarlet would come to meet Cinder How could these two completely different characters come together How are their pasts joined Well, let me tell you, the answer is pure genius Meyer has created such a deep, complex story that when you find out how Scarlet and Cinder are connected, you re just like, whoa Along with the flawless backstory, Scarlet introduces us to two characters besides Scarlet herself Wolf and Thorne I really hope we see of them in the final 2 books And just as in Cinder with the classic Cinderella losing the glass slipper, Meyer s use of the the famed Red Riding Hood scene is flawless I love the way she just weaves in the fairy tales but makes it work for the plot.Another thing I love about about Meyer s writing, is there s a point in her books that you hit where you suddenly can t put it down You have to finish it My point was when Scarlet and Wolf arrive in Paris and I sat on my couch reading like a madwoman until I finished NowWHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW MARISSA THAT WAS NOT AN ENDING WHAT WILL CINDER DO NOW WHAT ABOUT KAI AND HIS ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END I wanted this book so badso bad But now that I have it, I have to wait that much longer for the third one WHY SighI will waitrather impatiently for 2014 to get here.Just one final note Prince Kai, no matter what happens Truth

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    its been awhile since i read cinder and, after reading this, all i have to say is why did i wait so long holy smokes i enjoyed this book so much than cinder, and i thought cinder was wonderful i was really impressed at how this not only had its own fairy tale twist little red riding hood , but it also incorporated the previous retelling cinderella and resulted in this unique and entertaining book i was a bit apprehensive at how it would work, being able to develop of the story told in cinder and also tell the new story of scarlet, but i thought there was a really nice balance between the two and when the stories finally merged, i was ecstatic everything about this was just so great the pacing and writing and development was on point throughout and i absolutely adored all the new characters i felt so spoiled that so many were introduced in this book i also feel the need to mention that this series is giving me so many new book boyfriends first kai, and now wolf god bless marissa meyer, is all im saying.im so excited to continue this series its been very fun and thrilling so far, and i know really cool things are in store cant wait to see how the story continues to play out 4.5 stars

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    I have to give it to Ms Meyer for one again combining your favorite fairy tales with sic fi fantasy Seriously, well done The Lunar Chronicles is quickly becoming one of my new favorite series and for good reason It has kick ass protagonists like Cinder and now Scarlet When we first met Cinder in book one, she was shy and timid, eventually coming into her own strength And when I heard that we would be introduced to a new main character, I was a little nervous I was worried that I d end up comparing the two and dislike Scarlet But let me tell you When Cinder was unsure of herself in the beginning, Scarlet is fierce Who s afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf Not Scarlet.I should warn you that this review will contain spoilers for Cinder So, if you haven t read book one Scarlet picks up directly after Cinder left off Cinder s busy breaking out of jail, Kai is trying to placate Levana the wretch and we get to meet Scarlet yay And if you can t remember the finer details about what happened previously, there is a nice little recap.The biggest difference between this installment and Cinder is the point of view flipping And with that, you have two different main characters with two separate goals Scarlet s is to find her missing grandmother, who was abducted and Cinder s is to escape from the Eastern Commonwealth and not get caught Somewhere along the way their paths intertwine and revelations are had Now, here s the thing Though, overall, I did enjoy Scarlet, there are still a few things I really disliked about it too Don t give me that look There is method to my madness.Things I liked 1 The new characters Along with meeting Scarlet, we also are introduced to two other characters, the wolf, who travels to Paris with Scarlet in search of her grandmother and Carswell Thorne, a womanizer and fugitive that escaped prison with Cinder I thought they were both great characters, especially Thorne, who I happen to love and hate at the same time Wolf is a bit complex because of his past which I can t talk about due le spoilers , but I like the mystery surrounding his character.Scarlet is fantastic I mean, the girl wears a red hoodie and carries a gun in her belt Sweet and innocent pfft How about sweet and deadly

    She s all about action and doesn t take no for an answer She doesn t sit back and wait for someone else to save her grandmother And I think the best way to describe her would be to quote Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus Take chances, make mistakes and get messy So, while she isn t a perfect character, she certainly is determined to do whatever it takes to reach her goal I loved that about her and I think other readers will too or at least respect her spirit.2 I also really enjoyed the plot and back story We get to find out about Cinder s past and how she ended up ended up on earth and who helped her I really think Meyer did a good job at telling two different stories and later having them weave together And I really like seeing Scarlet and Cinder together I only wish that they had teamed up sooner than the ending.Things I didn t like 1 At times it felt like there was too much story to tell Maybe this was just me wanting from Scarlet Even though Scarlet is longer than Cinder, I d even say that I think that there was too much happening in this installment and not enough time spent developing the new characters or the new relationships, which, incidentally, leads to my next con2 I m not sure I liked Scarlet and Wolf s relationship Since the novel very frequently flips back and forth from Scarlet to Cinder and even Kai, there wasn t much page time the reader is left developing some kind of connection with their relationship Actually, they themselves didn t even have much time developing anything and by the end, I found it all rather cheesy And while they do both admit that they ve developed feelings for one another in a matter of days , it never felt real because I was too busy keeping up with all the story arcs.3 I missed Kai and Cinder being together Kai is in the book, but I missed the chemistry they had in Cinder I think Wolf and Scarlet s romance was supposed to fill the void temporarily, but since I didn t really spend much time with them, the sparks never flew for me Perhaps in book three, Cress, things will be different But right now, I have my doubts considering it looks like we will be meeting even characters I m starting to wonder if this world is just too big for this series Ah, well We ll see.The Ending Cause, yeah, it needs its own section.Kai WHY WHY WHY WHY Okay I think I need a moment to process that ending breathes in and out Did that just make you want to read this book even than you already did Oops.So, in conclusion, even though I liked Cinder , Scarlet was still a fun and exciting read Meyer has built an interesting world, making old faces from fairy tales new again And I know you re probably giving me dagger eyes for the little bit above, but just think how hard it will be for me to wait for Cress It s torture, I tell ya ARC was provided by Macmillan Thank you More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog GAH LOOK AT THE PRETTY COVER And I just found out about the new Sailor Moon anime Too much awesome for one day I shall be off in my corner spontaneously combusting.

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    Edit i kind if realized how much i hate myself for giving this four stars I have sinned omg, changing my rating to five stars like right fucking now, THIS BOOK WAS TEN THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN Cinder Scarlet and Wolf will be the literal death of me I m incapable of writing a review for this It s just.READ IT PLS THIS LAST IMAGE KILLED ME I actually screamed you guys.I love Wolf so much it hurts I need a Wolf in my life.

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ScarletCinder, The Cyborg Mechanic, Returns In The Second Thrilling Installment Of The Bestselling Lunar Chronicles She S Trying To Break Out Of Prison Even Though If She Succeeds, She Ll Be The Commonwealth S Most Wanted Fugitive Halfway Around The World, Scarlet Benoit S Grandmother Is Missing When Scarlet Encounters Wolf, A Street Fighter Who May Have Information As To Her Grandmother S Whereabouts, She Is Loath To Trust This Stranger, But Is Inexplicably Drawn To Him, And He To Her As Scarlet And Wolf Unravel One Mystery, They Encounter Another When They Meet Cinder Now, All Of Them Must Stay One Step Ahead Of The Vicious Lunar Queen Levana, Who Will Do Anything For The Handsome Prince Kai To Become Her Husband, Her King, Her Prisoner

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